About me

When I was little, my mum was given feedback about my pre-school progress. My teacher told her my mum that I was shy and that I was good at collage. When mum share this information with my dad, his response was “How will that help her in life?” So here I am, a designer with a passion and a little bit of talent for collage.


My career has been filled with art and design. I originally went to art school, then studied fashion design. I started to pursue decorative or surface design when my children were little, then gained an ongoing contact with a company that designed and produced private label dinnerware for leading Australian retailers as well as securing a number of licensing deals. At this point in my career, all my design work was by hand.


It became apparent that it was necessary to embrace computer graphics or graphic design to remain viable. So, I purchased a big fat computer, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and began to teach myself the programmes.  This lead me on the path of graphic design work, culminating in my teaching roles over the past 12 years and my initiative to inspire others to embrace creativity through my Jenny Blue Studio, Creative Arts HUB.